Allsvenskan 2024 – Betting tips on Winners and 1X2

When we look a little extra at the top teams in Allsvenskan 2024, there is plenty of interesting information from the previous season that can provide valuable betting tips for the 1X2 market for winners and tips on individual matches.

Allsvenskan 2024 – Betting tips on Winners and 1X2

Favorites to win the Allsvenskan 2024

Malmö FF are once again favorites to win the gold. In the previous season, they managed to win the gold by the smallest possible margin in a dramatic final against Elfsborg. Malmö proved to be extremely strong at home and only lost a single match. They recorded 11 wins, 3 crosses and just one loss in their 15 home games. The only surprising loss came against Mjällby, while the crosses were against Häcken, Djurgården and IFK Gothenburg. There are strong reasons to believe that Malmö can be a source of interesting bets throughout the 2024 season. In the big matches, the 1X option can be an enticing bet and possibly one of the best bets throughout 2024!

Elfsborg is tipped as the main contender and achieved an impressive record last season with 20 wins, 6 crosses and only 4 losses. We predict similar statistics for the year 2024 and look forward to Elfsborg winning around 2/3 of their matches, something smart bettors can take advantage of. It is particularly exciting to think of the straight winning streak Elfsborg had last season – if it can be repeated it could result in attractive overall odds. The question of whether Elfsborg wasn’t really the strongest team in the Allsvenskan 2023 that should have taken home the gold makes us see them as favorites to win the Allsvenskan 2024. In addition, the odds offer an interesting possibility compared to Malmö’s winning odds, something you can take advantage of a little extra with Bet365’s odds bonus .

BK Häcken are the third team to consider for the gold in 2024. Häcken have been particularly impressive at home, recording 14 wins in 15 home games last season. This is particularly interesting for bettors to note. Bets on Häcken at home resulted in 14 winning games out of a possible 15 last season. At the same time, it may be profitable to consider that Häcken does not perform as strongly away from home with only 4 wins, a weak effort for a team that finished third in the table and was in the gold fight for large parts of the season. Betting 1 on Häcken at home and X2 away can be a winning concept even in 2024!

Look at the odds comparison for Allsvenskan.

During the Allsvenskan break in the summer, there will be Euro 2024 tournament in Germany, but Sweden is not on the list of teams participating.

Allsvenskan – Winner odds

Odds of winning the Allsvenskan can be found throughout the season. It is possible to win money from it regardless of how it ends. You can advantageously bet on one of the top teams when they have had a slight slump. Comparing the odds between betting companies on the Allsvenskan is also a good tip on how you can win a little more on your betting.

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