Betting Tips Premier League 2024-25

Here you will find all our betting tips on the Premier League 2024-25. Find our best betting tips on teams such as Man City, Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Newcastle.

Betting Tips Premier League 2024-25

Betting Tips Premier League 2024-25

In order to be able to give good betting tips, you have to keep track of the statistics, form and head-to-head meetings. These are, in our opinion, the most important factors when judging PL matches.

When it comes to winning the money on the matches, you should use an odds comparison on the Premier League and also the betting companies’ odds bonuses.

If you do your homework on these points, you can be a winner at the Premier League 2024-25! That’s how you win at PL

Here are how to become a winner at the Premier League:

  • Check the statistics carefully. Check the last 5 games, how is the form? Is any important player injured. Here we believe that central midfielders and centre-backs are the ones who have the most decisive importance for a team’s performance.
  • Face-to-face meetings are very important. It may be that a team plays in a way that is difficult for that particular opponent. Or that you have a player who challenges where the opponents are weakest. It’s a good game tip to check out.
  • The home advantage is big in PL. You should know that home ground is a huge advantage in the Premier League. Here you can advantageously bet on several home victories in a row for the top teams and thus roll the winnings over to the next bet at one of all bookmakers.

Don’t bet on every PL game

But you shouldn’t bet on everything you see. Finding Value Bets is incredibly important. That’s the key in the long run. If we take as an example a match and a betting tip on Tottenham – Chelsea. Here you can be unsure of how the teams play as there are a lot of emotions involved and there are often many yellow and red cards in these matches. In other words, it is difficult to find value bets when so many uncertain factors come into play. Those types of matches can be good to live bet on instead.

Compare the odds

Last but not least, we want to strike a blow to compare the odds on the Premier League. There is extra money to be made here. You can also be quick to place your bet as the odds on the favorite often drop. We believe that Betsmart’s odds comparison is the best. There are almost all gambling companies with a betting license.